Terms of use 2018 Zulucampaigns

General provisions
When ordering services and using software at Zulucampaigns (hereinafter referred to as the Supplier), the buyer (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) accepts these terms and conditions. Acceptance is made at check-in during registration. The supplier has the right to change in the terms of business. Last updated on October 13th. 2018. The current terms of business are accepted by the Customer before an agreement is entered into between the Supplier and the Customer. After that, the Customer receives the applicable terms of business each time the Supplier sends an invoice via e-mail. It is the responsibility of the Customer to keep up to date with the current terms and conditions.

Acceptance of subscription terms
By signing in and entering card information, you agree that Zulucampaigns may withdraw the agreed amount periodically in accordance with the selected product. When you subscribe to Zulucampaigns, we renew it automatically until you unsubscribe from our Help Center. By using the Supplier's software, only a right of use is obtained. Any order of products and services at the Supplier will be made at the Customer's consent, expressed in accordance with the terms of the Terms. For a subscription, the number of users required by the individual subscription must be created, but only one legal entity may use it. If you sign up for automatic payment service, you can change your card information so that they are always kept up to date.

All material contained on the Supplier's website and software belongs to the Supplier. This applies to designs, texts, functionality and overall impressions. If you wish to quote or otherwise mention the Supplier, please ask the Provider for written permission.

Supplier's performance
The supplier has developed a CRM for small and medium sized business program available online. In addition, the Supplier has no obligations to the Customer.

Data collection
The supplier regularly collects usage behavior information when the Customer and other users use the Provider's website or software. This data collection is anonymous and is used for the purpose of optimizing the services and arrangement of the software.

Competition and rights
By registering with the Supplier, you confirm at the same time that you are not in competition with the Supplier or work for companies that are in competition with the Supplier. In competition, you are defined by the fact that you work in or are the owner of a company that provides a CRM program. All software, design, architecture, text and the like. Is protected by copyright while names and proprietary terms are used trademarks. "Zulucampaigns" is also a registered trademark and registered with the Patent and Trademark Office. Any violation of this will be prosecuted and payment will be required. The vendor has rights to the software. The supplier may assign his obligations to third parties under the same terms of business.

All payment from the Customer to the Supplier is based on automatic prepayment when the Customer registers his debit card. If payment is not included in the due date, this may lead to accruals of additional collection costs, including interest and cancellation charges that are incurred by the Customer. In the case of late payment, interest on late payment will accrue from the due date by 2% per Commenced month and a fee of DKK 100 per reminder. Recovery may begin without prior notice. If the matter is handed over to the lawyer as part of the recovery, the lawyer or the Supplier may require additional collection costs. In the event of breach of the Supplier's terms of business, the cooperation is terminated immediately. The Supplier has the right to close for Customer's access to software, if payment is not made in a timely manner.

Limitation of Liability
The supplier reserves the reservation for programming errors and server violations. In the case of software or equipment update, the Supplier has the right to close access for a limited period of time, as typically, the lowest possible Customer will be affected. Access to the Supplier's software is continuously developed and the Provider gives access to the software as it is available and without warranty. The supplier can not be held liable for direct or indirect loss incurred in connection with the use of the Supplier's software. The supplier is also not responsible for hacker attacks, viruses, ash clouds over Iceland or any other form of force majeure. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that all posting takes place in accordance with the documents transferred between the Customer and the Supplier. Zulucampaigns does not advise in posting, but can help with CRM questions. However, it is the Customer's sole responsibility to check if this is correct. It is the Customer's responsibility to take local backup, at your own discretion, by the feature provided during login. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that incoming and outgoing invoices, using the Supplier's software, are consistent and that amounts and VAT are settled correctly. Likewise, it is the Customer's responsibility to comply with applicable VAT and other tax rules. In other words, it is the responsibility of the Customer that the use of the Supplier's software is in accordance with applicable Danish law. It is the Customer's responsibility to inform Zulucampaigns by changing: address, phone number, email address, CVR number, and other personal information that may be associated with the account and that are relevant for payment with more.

Confidentiality and Security
All data entered in the vendor's software is unavailable for others. The supplier thus processes all data with confidentiality. All pages run on SSL encrypted web pages (https). The supplier has put the software with high security and sound to prevent unauthorized access to this data.

Termination of subscription and termination period
You can cancel your current subscription at any time. In such a case will be withdrawn money from your credit card before you create a new subscription. From the day customer signs up for Supplier's subscription, the Customer unlimited try the software for 14 days. From the moment the Customer activates his trial period, the Customer will be able to use the software for 14 days. Then the use of the software costs money. No refund or cancellation right. Subscription paid is not refundable. For example, if a Customer pays 12 months in advance, this amount can not be refunded. There is a 14 day return since the customer has the opportunity to test the software without obligation for 14 days before use. The subscription is automatically renewed each month, unless the Customer terminates the agreement in writing. Termination shall be in writing or by telephone to our Help Center, which will be confirmed subsequently by email. Upon termination, the Supplier undertakes no further obligation to the Customer

We keep every right to update these terms/policies as we please without any notification.

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